Big bet on is failing citi


big bet on is failing citi

Mar 31,  · Now, all of these can be problems with big box retailers. But the sheer frequency it happens to me on Amazon - it's never happened at this frequency to anyone I know when we would shop in store. Yes, my friend once bought a graphics card at Fry's that just contained a box of rocks. But that was one friend, one time. Company News Follow the companies making headlines and moving markets here. Mar 28,  · Raj Subramaniam, the current president and chief operating officer, will succeed Mr. Smith, according to a news release issued by FedEx.

Big bet on is failing citi 55 days ago root faiilng prev next [—]. BeefWellington 27 days ago root parent next [—] Big bet on is failing citi, and this is how it works as another responder mentions. I once got a voicemail from the fraud department at my bank, with a number to call back. I am willing to bet Patrick sleeps while wearing a Covid mask. Always return or replace. MerelyMortal 26 days ago root parent next [—]. Yes, my friend once bought a graphics card at Fry's that just contained a box of rocks. But it is far from a panacea and failimg does not "fix" many of the problems its supporters claim it does. Personally, I've always liked Singapore's approach of anchoring the Singapore dollar to a basket of major currencies.

Numerous other store locations on Apple Maps also often do not exist, so however they are sourcing their data is full of errors or outdated information. Drives me nuts that they choose to implement it this way though. I feel like the author made two mistakes that anyone who goes after scammers should know. If your only goal is to send digital value across the planet why would anyone use Ethereum or Bitcoin? Spooky23 26 days ago root parent prev next [—] Tow drivers make a lot of money. Someone would call and all the phones would ring or you might turn off link ringers on some of them so only one main phone actually rings. Not only do Amazon often make it monopoly live spielen to find out who is in fact selling an item, they also: centrum spielbank si Co-mingle the inventory of multiple sellers in their distribution centers, so even if you buy from a good vendor you've hig in the past, you still big bet on is failing citi end up with gamer deutschland weibliche from a shady vendor.

I use TransferWise aka Wise now. Lecture me, are your definition of stable tied to data, or is it tied specifically to your own opinion? And it's pretty universally accepted at every exchange and wallet. One side will run a deficit, as that grows the other side will see growing credit risk.

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Big bet on is failing citi The Beacon Chain has been running without problems for over a year now. Best practice is to remember that intelligence means optimizing for some state of the world. Your local shop isn't the only option. Distinctive ringtones may have made this phone line non-disconnection behaviour unnecessary though.

That's never the practical reality, and the illusion may be evil from the perspective of shadily pushing consumers to unvetted third parties due to Dark Read article that back that illusion.

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Big bet on is failing citi KNow someone else it happened to. I'm talking about the prospects for growth in the next 25 years, not the last 25 years. Are they sure they know what they're article big bet on is failing citi Galaxeblaffer 27 days ago parent prev next [—] It's really hard recognizing the image Amazon have in the US compared to my personal experience with amazon.

They want to give consumers the illusion of an "everything store" that is never out ber stock. I paid off big bet on is failing citi loan immediately and never looked back, even though the interest was less than I make off the big bet on is failing citi market.

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Spielautomat spiele I'd hold the receiver until I heard the other person pick up, then hang up.

They made some angry sounds and hung up! Doesn't seem likely. Much worse than Bezos on a bad Amazon share day. Like he said, if the SWIFT secure messaging service goes down, someone at a bank in Japan has the phone number of someone big bet on is failing citi a bank in New York and can "wire" money with a phone call instead of sending a SWIFT message. When I'm a millionaire I'll happily check this out LBS. Nextgrid 26 days ago root parent prev next [—] Just FYI, this does not and never applied to mobile be or any kind of entirely digital SIP, etc phone system.

Mar 28,  · Raj Subramaniam, the current president and chief operating officer, will succeed Mr. Smith, according to a news release issued by FedEx. Mar 31,  · Now, all of these can be agree spielhalle pokemon lets go apologise with big box retailers.

But the sheer frequency it happens to me on Amazon - it's never happened at this frequency to anyone I know when we would shop in store. Yes, my friend once bought a graphics card at Fry's that just contained a box of rocks. But that was one friend, one time. View the latest business news about the world’s top companies, and explore articles on global markets, finance, tech, and the innovations driving us forward. big bet on is failing citi

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People with a bad big bet on is failing citi with Amazon are more likely to dive into it here. Turning that off theoretically disables the backdoor.

Also, surprisingly on walmart. Playwright Neil Simon's papers go to Library of Congress Dozens of notebooks, scripts, speeches, drafts of letters, artwork and even signed baseballs owned by the late playwright Neil Simon have been donated to the Library big bet on is failing citi Congress. Nor would they do anything about the listing. SemiNormal 27 days ago root parent prev next [—]. I ended diti logging into my account and click the same fraudulent purchases that it listed over the phone. At some point you need to settle. Excellent, simple advice! No offence. Just total moving of goal posts. But when it comes to moving USD around the NY Fed has absolute and total control over clearance. Digital home lender names first CFO big bet on is failing citi Review: A novel with recipes pokes fun at church politics Dana Potowski is a food writer casting about for a subject for her new book when she is asked to join a ministerial search committee at her Unitarian church.

Playwright Neil Simon's papers go to Library of Congress Dozens of notebooks, scripts, speeches, drafts of letters, artwork and even signed baseballs owned by the late playwright Neil Simon have been donated to the Library of Congress. Jon Stewart to receive Mark Twain Prize for American humor Comedian Jon Stewart says speculation about the future of comedy amid increased audience cultural sensitivity is ignoring a true enduring threat: authoritarian governments around the world. Ron DeSantis is testing the limits of his combative leadership style while sending an unmistakable message to his rivals. EXPLAINER: Johnny Depp's wild testimony, cross-examination For three days, Johnny Depp has been testifying in a libel trial that is supposed to be about whether Amber Heard defamed him in a newspaper op-ed. Don Imus, Jerry Herman, and other notable people who died in Happy Birthday George Clooney!

See who else looks fabulous over 50 Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: A life in photos. Oscar winner Jared Leto talks his roles in 'House of Gucci' and 'Morbius'. Oscar-winning director Kenneth Branagh talks new autobiographical film, 'Belfast' Matt Damon dishes on the making of 'Stillwater'. Suggested Interests. If mining pools conspired to, say, fork a chain because somebody stole a lot of tokens due to a bug, it amounts to the same kind of control. I don't see how they are alternatives to each other, because crypto doesn't perform the same function. It's only marketed that way. You can be sure a system like Hawala works because actual terrorists have used it forever. Like Toyota pickup trucks. There are notorious pictures of Toyota pickups with frames that have broken in half. Since they have "issues" does it mean insurgents should drive Teslas instead?

It fixes that in the same way as smuggling does, in other words it doesn't. Giorgi 55 days ago prev next [—]. This post knows nothing about the subject it talks about. So the money does not leave, new owners come into the country and control big bet on is failing citi flow? Click to see more big exception are foreign-controlled subsidiaries of large foreign banks, but even these are subject to local laws and regulations, in particular sanctions enforcement. Thats right. USD never leave US banks, the dollars just change owners.

Same for any other currency. In the financial world, centralized decisions followed by decentralized responsibility is extremely common. If you are international and operate between countries that don't necessarily like each other at all times a great tool, something about some kind of coin, that lets you actually control a store of value, and get read more what banks as well as governments think, came out in early Cefi is great. It's fast, it's secure, you are protected from loss up to a certain degree, it's often cheaper than blockchain transaction fees, etc. But it's just europalace casino tool with tradeoffs, much like Defi.

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I just don't understand the reason to leave out central bank in these discussions. Yes there's all those big bet on is failing citi, payment rails and so on. However if you look past all that inter-bank transfer results in banks' central-bank reserves getting changed. Let me elaborate. Banks Foo and Bar have accounts with central bank. For more details please read this terrific, short and succinct book "Central Banking "[1] International wires, however is a different matter. You have FX market, correspondence banking and what not. But when it comes to moving USD around the NY Fed has absolute and total control over clearance. Any bank that hold USD deposits must have corresponding reserve account with NY Fed.

So regardless if SWIFT or any other form of wire transfer, NY Fed can cripple a bank's operations by freezing their reserves. Here's a relevant sanction announced by the US Treasury a week ago [2]. And here's the relevant section. The vast majority of those transactions will now be disrupted. Good job. SWIFT is SWIFT tho Last time I sent money read article someone internationally Etherium really was pretty convenient. The Coinbase fees were a little high big bet on is failing citi otherwise it was near instantaneous, I already had some anyway, and I didn't have to deal with any real hassle. Crypto is a planet-destroying ponzi-scheme, but in a collapsed economy like Russia, I wonder if everyone can just have virtual wallets where you can buy goods by sending the seller some "coins".

The Funded: Software delivery startup Harness raises $230 million Series D

We already just exchange "coins" electronically, but with the Visa or MasterCard network getting involved The phrase "ponzi scheme" has been thrown around liberally in regards to cryptocurrency, especially on this forum, but I've never heard a convincing argument that it actually fits the see more. It's weird because it seems like you can point to various aspects of crypto and maybe identify them as being a pyramid scheme, but I don't feel like that definition holds up as it gets sufficiently large and self sustaining. Otherwise you could point to a number of other very large money machines like the stock market or even money itself and say it is also a pyramid scheme. Maybe it is though. Perhaps the entire economy is a pyramid scheme that is that mr green casino tricks will on an infinitely growing population.

As soon as we hit a population limit on the planet there will be no bigger fool to sell to in the future and the economy becomes stagnant. As for the literal definition of ponzi scheme I don't think it holds up because everyone is fully aware, or should be of what it is they are buying and where the money is coming from if they want to sell. EGreg 55 days ago root parent next [—]. The same can be said of any startups. They are pyramid schemes until they finally offer utility to lucky star casinos near me. So for example, I remember stories about SWAT teams raising grandmas for downloading movies illegally, or about manufacturing companies all forced to cripple their software with DRM, or the blowup at the W3C, or crackz of popular software that kiddies handed out until all these companies like Adobe went full SAAS.

By contrast, open source, creative commons etc. In other words, if your definition of something is so broad that it includes every non-cashflow store of value, you need a better definition. XorNot 55 days ago root parent next [—]. You know they'd have a point if they were talking about Bitcoin and gold, but they're not - because if you don't get understand what underpins the value of fiat, or pretend it's the same - then you have an agenda to push. Fiat has value because it's legally recognized by governments that issue it: it extinguishes tax and debt obligations in those jurisdictions. This makes it markedly different to any other of the commodity items listed: my government will only ever tax me fiat currency, which is sufficient to extinguish those taxes and fulfill debts. I can't be ordered to pay them in gold, or bitcoin. Imagine if every merchant came up with their own currency and forced you to pay them in it only. I'm curious about this, I try to stay up on what's going on in the crypto world and it's my understanding that the vast majority of crypto blockchains are still using proof-of-work, which is what I imagine "planet big bet on is failing citi is in reference to.

Other prominent PoS platforms include Tron, EOS, Algorand, and Tezos. There have been repeated proposals for Ethereum to switch from a PoW to PoS mechanism. In Aprilthe Ethereum Foundation announced that it planned to switch to a PoS system by the end of This has since been pushed back big bet on is failing citi the second quarter of What exactly about the current state of crypto is incompatible with this critique? CryptoPunk 55 days ago root parent next [—]. Ethereum is by far the most widely used cryptocurrency network, see more while it consumes a lot of energy relative to the number of transactions in processes, and a lot of energy in absolute terms, it consumes on the order of a thousandths 0.

It will have switched to Proof of Stake long before it grows large enough for it to account for a materially significant portion of global energy consumption. So the rhetoric used above, which makes the generalization that "Crypto is a planet-destroying ponzi-scheme", is entirely hyperbolic with respect to the environmental criticism and a blatant mischaracterization with respect to the ponzi-scheme allegation. Nursie 55 days ago root parent next [—]. Big bet on is failing citi is now estimated to consume energy equivalent to or greater than mid-sized countries like Greece[1]. You can paint it as tiny, but 0.

It's been "about to go PoS" for several years now. The fact is it hasn't. When it does, you can tell people their concerns are out of date. About Ethereum. Bitcoin isn't even going there and its consumption is as bad or worse. I don't disagree with most of your comment, but I do want to point out that the code to power Ethereum's switch to PoS is actually built out now and is in its final stages of testing. The latest Kiln test network is effectively a release candidate. At no point in the past several years has that been true, so it's comparing apples to oranges to say it's been "about to go" for that long. I will welcome it when it does, don't get me wrong.

That honestly removes a major issue I have with cryptocurrency at least with Ether, anyway. There question casino hamburg esplanade restaurant phrase a host of more theoretical reasons I'm not buying into the ecosystem, but remove that negative externality and hey - you do you, not my bag but you aren't hurting others. I'm sure it is closer than ever, if it wasn't then there's something wrong with the development process! I sincerely wish the various people involved good luck in this venture and a speedy success in moving it to production.

In the mean time I'm still going to get pissed off at people saying that energy concerns are outdated, especially when they're referring to the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. Don't forget that traditional banks consume lots of energy as well. Their armies of employees and tellers are required to drive an hour or so every day, they maintain tons of physical buildings, truck around piles of physical currency etc. Traditional fiat is given legitimacy based on government's monopoly on violence inside their borders which often result in wars. Nothing is free and I'm fairly certain that crypto will end in less energy consumption, not more. This is a spurious comparison, traditional banks provide orders of magnitude more services to orders of magnitude more people. One day, could, will. But still isn't and doesn't. With a background of a world scrambling for cleaner power to mitigate climate change.

That's the problem. CryptoPunk 55 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Proof of work is costly in energy and affordable in labor. The energy consumption of labor-intensive industries obfuscates the real energy requirements of those industries, by effectively read more the energy consumption to the workers. I still prefer Ethereum's variation of Proof of Stake over Proof of Work, but it's by no means clear to me that Proof of Work based blockchains are less big bet on is failing citi than traditional financial systems, and I would wager a comprehensive analysis would show in fact that they have the potential to be vastly more efficient, if they're allowed to scale up their transaction throughput to amortize their energy consumption across more numerous transactions.

Proof of work does not replace labour though. Big bet on is failing citi is not really an equivalent outlay in tradtional banking. And blockchains don't provide the services that the labor provides in the banking sector. This is just more nonsense. Proof of work completely replaces the bureaucracy that maintains trust in traditional ledgers. There are no legal contracts that need to be drawn up, filled out and signed for someone to start submitting PoW, or validating and propagating transactions, to the this web page. There is no HR department.

No payroll. Just machines, and a deterministic compensation mechanism, managed by a fault tolerant network of machines. It's substituting for the state, and the social organization it provides, not personal computers. No offence, but it would probably be a good idea for you to study some theory of the state, before making such outlandish remarks.

big bet on is failing citi

CryptoPunk 53 days ago root parent next [—]. No offence, but for you to see zero big bet on is failing citi between the contract enforcement that decentralized blockchain-based networks conduct, and the function of traditional legal systems, suggests to me you would benefit from taking your own advice. No offence. The characterization is hyperbole. As for the transition to PoS, the first phase of the transition was implemented on December 1st,with the launch of the Proof of Stake Beacon Chain. The Beacon Chain has been running without problems for over a year now.

The testnet for the second beg of ETH2 - which is when the execution chain is merged into the Beacon Chain so that Ethereum can fully switch from PoW to PoS and reduce its energy consumption by Citl, nope. The difference between now and then is that now Ethereum has had the Proof of Stake Beacon in operation for over a year, and the next phase, which merges the execution chain into the PoS chain already, has a running testnet. Nursie 55 days ago root parent prev next [—]. How so? Emissions on a par with Greece. And just for one coin. Ethereum is still going to PoS any day now, totally, just a few months off. Like bef has been for several years. So what is it about "the current state of crypto" that you think you know better than these? The ETH PoS chain is already in beta with the expectation of transition the merge later this year.

Finally, if energy is one of your big bet on is failing citi expenses, you're economically incentivized to reduce those costs as much as possible. Unfortunately, with Bitcoin and other Proof-of-Work blockchainsthe economic incentive is the opposite: to use as bib energy as possible, until the return from the block rewards and transaction fees is visit web page than the failjng you pay for that energy. Reducing the energy costs only allows you to use even more energy before reaching that limit, increasing the total costs again. Yes, it's in beta. The expectation of moving cti this year has held for several years. This doesn't make bitcoin clean? There is already huge demand for clean power in this world, adding to big bet on is failing citi with PoW systems doesn't actually help, and as we can see by the power plant and by the article linked above about a fall in renewable use in BTC, we're not in the "Bitcoin has incentivised green energy and helped the world get cleaner" stage, we're in the "Bitcoin is adding pressure to an already over-pressurised system and is making the problem worse at a critical time" phase.

Even your own linked article is sub-headed "Cryptocurrency mining has the potential to address the obstacles to more widely adopting renewable energy" - not that it has or is, but that it could. These pseudo-intellectual economic click at this page about "helping the world move to renewables" are tripe. If your only goal is to send digital value across the planet why would anyone use Ethereum or Bitcoin? There are a ton of alternatives that cost fractions of a penny in transaction fees. Large cryptocurrencies have more liquidity, meaning it's less likely you'll get large price differences between exchanges in difference countries, and more likely that any given exchange will support trading in that digital currency. For large trades, more liquidity also means less price slippage upon buying or selling the cryptocurrency. What services are the best for transferring large sums of money cheaply, safely, and quickly?

In my experience, you can only choose one. I would prefer to chose two: cheaply and big bet on is failing citi. I am not as worried about time. A traditional bank does all 3 i me on a regular basis. Which kind of bank transfer are you talking about? A few days learn more here I got paid through ACH transfer and the transaction took 2 iss days to click here, albeit with no transaction fees. Now I'm at the mercy of the bank regarding what I can do with that money. I also have total control over my money. SEPA instant transfers between European banks are, as the name suggests, big bet on is failing citi. There are also no transaction fees for the users of these transfers. This is going off-topic, but you are with crypto as well. Unless every merchant you use supports your cryptocurrency, you're going to have to convert it back to fiat.

Internationally, between currencies? At scale, that's not exactly cheap. Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano and Terra are all cheap and safe, but like that other guy said. I have no big bet on is failing citi what kinds of crypto are listed on foreign exchanges. I'd imagine anything sufficiently popular though. I love how you nig the lesser decentralized and therefore less secure options. I use TransferWise aka Wise now. I said no hassle, that was big bet on is failing citi lot of hassle last time I tried it. BCH is essentially the same protocol beh Bitcoin BTCbut possibly safer in that your transaction is never relegated to a 2nd-layer protocol like Lightning, with private nodes and much cheaper, so if you are fsiling with Bitcoin, you don't have to learn a new system or any funny quirks.

And it's pretty universally accepted at every exchange and wallet. Not saying it is better than the other options presented and definitely not click here it big bet on is failing citi an investment big bet on is failing citi BCH does work quite well for transacting. You're conveniently forgetting the fees and other transaction costs associated with purchasing the Landing roulette green on of odds and then selling it for fiat.

Tenoke 55 days ago root parent next [—]. The fees for buying and selling it are on the order bef 0. And the wire transfers between the bank accounts and the exchange? Those are free for most people - in Europe via SWIFT and in the US via an ACH transfer. Is it just me or is patio11 becoming more and more full of himself? I used to enjoy his writing a lot, but after joining Stripe it seems that something has changed. Unless "Internet at Stripe" is some internal Stripe group then please explain what that ishe should have just written that he works real money gaming india Stripe, full stop. Otherwise anyone could say they work "for the internet" just because the bett is mostly accessed via the internet, but we don't, because seeing it like that is kind id silly. I wish he could opinion lotto baden agree those sentiments down a bit in the future, as otherwise the posts tend to be informative cihi interesting.

He made a giant ruckus complete with mysterious tweets with hashes of secret documents to claim that Japan was going to have mass casualties from their ostensibly botched covid big bet on is failing citi. It's okay to make a giant ruckus about something important that you believe nobody is paying attention to. And it's okay to be wrong about that. But it would be nice to see him publicly reckon with how he got it so wrong, and how he's altered how he reasons about the world to avoid getting it that wrong again. I was thinking about the exact same thing. I lost most respect for him in that fiasco.

He even big bet on is failing citi he'd stake his reputation on it, so I guess it's appropriate. You should probably degrade your estimate of my ability to think through complex problems. Yes, that was the wording! Until he publicly reckons with how he got it so wrong, and what he's changed about his reasoning process as a result, we should degrade our estimate of his ability to think through complex problems. Why does he owe you something? Should he similarly find every other topic he's been wrong about and make sure to offer apologies and postmortems on his failures? The dude works at Stripe, not someplace influencing government or health policies. He doesn't owe me anything. I'm just following his advice and reducing my confidence in his ability to reason about how the world works.

He didn't punch a toddler in the face. He was wrong about something in some filing that probably reached an audience smaller than a mediocre college football game, I don't see how that obligates him to apologize or otherwise prostrate himself. If your defense of someone has to start with such a hilarious strawman, it might be an big bet on is failing citi you're defending something not worth your time. Says the group arguing about someone being wrong on the internet about nothing of importance. This discussion itself is of nothing important. However, that doesn't preclude it from being a place where moral relativity exists and can be debated.

I am not sure I understand your assumption that the importance of a claim or discussion is related to whether it can be morally judged. Doesn't mean there's value to it. This is a perfect example of manufactured moral outrage, justified post-hoc. The onus is on the outrage to justify it, not on the accused to defend against it. In this context, someone was expecting another person to exhibit a particular response to earn redemption based on an visit web page benign incident. At a certain point, the yelling just becomes tedious and unproductive regardless of the philosophical value of debate and discussion.

Well, to bring the concept of "value" into it only drives this further philosophical; I personally consider all debates of moral relativity to hold some inherent value, due to the topic, but I admit some are vacuous tailing. I don't really understand what is "manufactured" about this. The individual went and published a hefty claim, in the form of a white paper no less, that Japan was about to see a massive outbreak of COVID[0]; they believed so intently in themselves that they were willing to put this content out there and stake some lofty claims on the "work" of the white paper. Of course those who find the work sloppy and indeed find the conclusions outlined in the paper to have not occurred at all are going to decry the author. It is their inherent right. I will leave it to you to slog through the details of the thing, I personally only joined to wax philosophical about the nature of debate on the internet.

This language is so silly. The numbers forecasted big bet on is failing citi the paper didn't occur, seems pretty well justified. Again, your language is very telling of ie media you consume, but "no harm was done" is both difficult to quantify and hard to imagine as true if you consider actions of negative moral relativity to be harmful, which is not citj unreasonable stance to take against breathlessly whispered, widely published failed psuedoscience. Dead stop. He's been more than humble enough to publish an admission of error, one for which the original OP was too lazy to look for prior to impugning Patrick for it.

He's not Fauci. He created a bingo card creator and shared the experience and his personal perspective with railing community. This does not oblige him to meet everyone's unrealistic expectations of how he should net himself. It says far more about the people caught up in the orbit of his mistake, than he does about him. Almost 11, words later and his assessment is: "The core result was correct. From the article linked below, he seems to think that he was largely correct. Is that not the case? I am willing to bet Patrick sleeps while wearing a Covid mask. I think ordering on amazon has fsiling a little like getting your car towed.

Customers would be happy, brands could keep their reputation, amazon could get a reasonable cut, and they would still sell stuff via flea-market brands and the made up word-salad amazon brands. Wistar 26 days ago root parent next [—]. I'd like to see an economist's view on how the free market is failing here, and what we can do about it. After a while the quality degrades so much that buyers notice and want to pay even less. This sounds familiar to my used car shopping experience a few years back. Went to see at least 20 private party sellers over a period of a few weeks and most were cifi, bought by shady dealers at used car auctions. And their prices were well above the blue book for excellent condition, despite the cars being fair at best. I did manage to find some actual private sellers, and ended up with something I like and still drive now, but it required a lot of time and determination.

I can understand why some people would just go to a lot and drive off a couple hours later. ClumsyPilot 26 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Your regular reminder that theoretical free market assumes perfectly rational and informed consumer, no lies and no misleading or withholding information In other news a car has infinute milage on a frictionless surface in a vacuum. First imagine a spherical cow I'd say it's working just fine, by causing people to switch away from using Amazon. Amazon continued to lower their brand's quality and as the name becomes less and less visit web page, their products are worth less and less. Is that actually happening though?

I know there's lots of anecdotes around here, but there are still many people using Amazon frequently. I wonder if their numbers have actually gone down. I mean, roughly, there's no such thing as an ideal free market, and in all real markets all the ways in big bet on is failing citi it's not an ideal free market are being exploited by people to collect the margin. The concept falling an ideal free market is promulgated by the same people who are making money off those margins. As far as what you can do about it, you could start with preventing those people from interacting with markets. I leave the mechanism as an exercise for the reader. A free market would first require getting rid of all forms of power and so far there have been people who thought about minimizing big bet on is failing citi most impactful sources of power and pretty much all economists ignore them.

What we are doing is the equivalent of looking at a warped mirror e. A lot of people are scared of living on the streets or feel shame from living off welfare.

big bet on is failing citi

There is no way these people are going to make long term decisions if their short term needs haven't been met or there is a constant risk that they won't be met tomorrow. This is actually one of the more disgusting parts of Austrian economics. Where a low time preference is basically considered the equivalent of a high IQ. Thirst is more urgent than hunger which is more urgent than shelter which is more urgent than social needs and so on. At some point you are not longer hungry or homeless. The urgency is gone. It would be more accurate to say that time preference is click here function of wealth and having your big bet on is failing citi met, rather than some intellectual jerk off competition where stupid people are filtered out and smart people end up with all the wealth.

Most people are still happy to shop with Amazon despite it's failings. I'm sure Amazon has analyzed the data and are coming out ahead. What free market? There is no such thing. I honestly just click here a regular capitalistic market, where a company is trying to make money at the expense of other companies. By that I don't mean Amazon is outcompeting retailers and pushing them out the market. I mean Amazon is actively causing damage to well known brands by letting scammers sell those branded products to promote their own AmazonBasics brand which is free of scammers.

Even if the scams are unintended, there is no profit incentive to get rid of them. Spooky23 26 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Tow drivers make a lot of money. They do a lot of subcontracting and mutual aid type asia spiele. Towys in my country are usually connected to some pdf blackjack strategie of mafia. Never met an altruistic one like like matts offroad recovery in my travels. The only time I had my car towed was in Devon, SW England, in I hit a pothole and blew out a tyre. The company that towed my car took it to their workshop, and took me to my hotel. The next day I spoke to them to organize getting a pair of new tyres. That was a challenge because I had winter tyres on as I was intending to return to Norway before the spring and no one stocks winter tyres in Southern England.

It took them another two days to get the tyres. They charged me for the tyres and fitting and that was it, no charge for the ten mile tow. This seems to be the classic underdog problem. The traditional retailers that you like today will become third party marketplaces tomorrow if they grow. So the issue is that we only get good service from underdogs and it is destined to fail once the underdog is not an underdog anymore. WorldMaker 26 days ago root parent next [—]. Except Amazon started as a third-party marketplace. For the first several years the only first-party sales they did were in books and not all books on the store even at the beginning. They've expanded into other first-party categories, but there are much fewer first-party categories than people assume. And always have been. The big thing that changed isn't the third-party marketplace on Amazon, it's that they increasingly big bet on is failing citi intentionally blurred the lines between "third-party" and "second-party" marketplaces.

Any third-party that uses "Fulfilled by Amazon" logistics warehouses, shipping just about gets automatically upgraded in the Amazon user experience to "second-party" even if Amazon has no deeper working relationship with the third-party than "Fulfilled by Amazon". Some of that big bet on is failing citi blurring of the lines is also questionably Dark Patterns intentionally designed to confuse consumers in just exactly what categories Amazon supports directly first-party and which ones are third-party, and more importantly which ones are first-party usually versus third-party today such as sold out goods. They want to give consumers the illusion of an "everything store" that is never out of stock. That's never the practical reality, and the illusion may be evil from the perspective of shadily pushing consumers to unvetted third parties due to Dark Patterns that back that illusion.

That doesn't link. Just because an online retailer grows it doesn't mean they have to start allowing third-party sellers. In fact, seeing what is happening to Amazon's reputation, that seems like a bad long term move. Short termisum might win out, but it is not a foregone conclusion. The mechanism is the managers that take over at companies who focus on the short term bottom line trimming support today, to juice profits tomorrow, to lose credibility years big bet on is failing citi the road after the bonuses have long landed in their bank account.

And the problem is that Amazon's growth profile retail-side roulette tips tricks win is going to be pretty constrained going forwards because they own too much of the available pie right now. So the result is that managers are going to have to look for other ways to trim costs to make numbers. If you're starting from 0. ClumsyPilot 26 days ago root parent next [—]. This comment is peak short-termism! It is comically absurd to refer to 25 years as a long time! There are companies that have been around for years, in fact prior to rise of venture capital moat companies were multi-generational family business and you would consider how a decision would reflect on your children.

The professional management class in America no longer remotely behaves learn more here way. I'm talking about the prospects for growth in the next 25 years, not the last 25 years. Why do you believe this? It appears to be the case in practice that growing does require opening the doors to anyone and everyone, which obviously increases the scale of business a retailer can offer. There are both reasons and evidence to suggest third party sales are what it takes to grow to even one hundredth the size of Amazon. This seems like a big assumption. There is a very long list of corporations and monopolies with relatively bad reputations that are doing just fine big bet on is failing citi have for a long time.

I agree it's not a foregone conclusion, but it's also not far fetched. That's what happened to newegg. They tried to turn into an amazon and now I have a hard time trusting them. Ordered some things from walmart. They were sort of transparent about it, though, and the quality was at least what I'd expect from inside a Walmart. I've been ordering from Target, Best Buy, and Walmart much more often these days.

big bet on is failing citi

I just assume the product descriptions and reviews on Amazon are all lies. Target and Wal-Mart also sell third party shit. It's easier for me to just buy directly from brands I like, or to shop for them on a couple outlet sites I trust so far to sell legit overstocked or lightly damaged top-quality stuff and not lower-quality second- or third-tier versions as some outlet stores dothan figure out how to avoid or disable displaying third party sellers on a bunch of different sites. By the time you factor in the time and frustration for that, any savings which isn't even guaranteed doesn't look like great ROI anyway. Plus, even Amazon often won't carry the full range of a brand's products, so I get more options shopping this way. Best buy is filled with 3rd party sellers too but it's at least very easy to filter them out.

If I could do the same on Amazon I wouldn't have any problem with 3rd party sellers, but they instead make it almost impossible to know even if you check manually. That and Amazon commingles their inventory with 3rd party inventory, which can sometimes be counterfeit. And Amazon doesn't care if the counterfeit products are mixed in with the genuine products in their warehouses. I thought Jet. What a waste. It is pretty bad. They're my last resort. Big bet on is failing citi someone who has contributed legitimate reviews on Amazon, I think "all lies" is a bit of an exaggeration. Do they still allow listing different products on the same page, with the same reviews? Which is insane! Negative reviews are silenced.

I ordered a machine with missing parts such that it couldn't be assembled. I gave a 1-star review and it never appeared on the seller's page. I would have lumped them all together. Why do you trust reviews on Target but not Amazon? Target and Walmart take online returns at their stores, which no one in the supply chain likes. They will take bad suppliers to the woodshed if too many returns of an item. Hence they have skin in the game to carry quality products. I didn't say I trust reviews on Target. Paid reviews exist everywhere. But if I have to choose, I'd trust Target's first. Amazon's extensive 3rd party marketplace is set up in a way that encourages vendors to game their system. Amazon does nothing about it because it's good for business. And I trust Target's products are genuine and what you receive is what's in the product description, because they sell them in big bet on is failing citi. Last example was LED grow light I purchased and description said had a grounded plug.

When it arrived there was only a 2 prong plug. Fulfilled by Amazon should read as a warning sign. FWIW I'm weary of everything I buy. There are two time when I will use Amazon nowadays: 1 If there is an official store there Anker is a good example of this. It seems like Amazon doesn't commingle inventory if big bet on is failing citi is an official store. This has to be costing Amazon money, but, it's their funeral. InitialLastName 26 days ago root parent next [—]. Is there any confirmation of this? I've seen assertions both ways. Amazon doesn't commingle inventory when Unless there are counterfeits. As I understand it, Amazon charges a fee to avoid commingling. Any seller can pay it and have their items isolated. These days I'll order certain things from Wal Mart if I'm wary of what I see on Amazon. SemiNormal 27 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Too bad Wal Mart murdered Jet. I bet your Amazon rep just searched for Reolink and clicked on a Google ad that happened to belong to the scammers.

Well this initiated a rant, not directly related to ads, but Google in general. People will refer to Google listings as an authoritative source even if the data comes from some third party. This is Patrick. You have the wrong number. There my number was on the listing and on a third party source. They were so argumentative about being so wrong, it was outside of their ability to understand that the internet can and does give you the wrong information. Wrong opening hours on Google is a niggle for me. And having been on the other side of the equation, big bet on is failing citi the hours Google says a business is open is not always straightforward. Read more sure if you're joking, but the etymology of this word does not appear to be racist. According to [0], it derives from the same root as "niggardly", which according to [1], is unrelated to the racial epithet.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more English language. I would never take a third-party source as authoritative, but apparently people do it. I never take restaurant phone numbers directly off of Google, I always big bet on is failing citi their hopefully existent website before calling, or at least crosscheck it against other sources. There is no way Grubhub or any of the other mediating greedholes will get even Caller ID data from me if I can help it. Finding real locksmiths has become so difficult that Big bet on is failing citi have resorted to calling a business across the street and asking them to tell me if there is, in fact, a locksmith at the purported location.

Maybe there is a business in physically verifying a given business is the actually the real thing. KeyMe are one of the perpetrators of this shady practice. They have vending machines for keys and put them all over the place and then their machines show up when you search for a locksmith. If you call the number their rep will act as middleman to connect you with an actual locksmith and they take a cut. Google used to send a postcard to a business address before adding a listing in UK at least. Do they not do that now? InitialLastName 26 days ago root parent prev next [—]. Wait until you find out that Grubhub and ilk have been known to prop up fake websites for places. When a small guy does big bet on is failing citi like this it's called fraud and heavily punished.

When a VC-funded company does this it's called big bet on is failing citi hacking" and applauded. Grubhub et al promoting their own phone number as a restaurant's is exactly what I'm talking about. Go to the right address in person. If you have no real-life connection with the restaurant, or any restaurants, give up and take what you get. Honestly, how do you know what the right number is though? Everybody outsources their stuff. The real website is at jordans-eatery. Or maybe the guy at jordans-eatery. Or maybe the real number is on jordans-eatery. Or maybe it's none of those. Easy, go to the restaurant in person and order takeout or dine in if you want.

On your way out ask them what their official website and phone number are. Then you can put them on your "safe to order from' list. I order all the time from a restaurant with a distinctive name and menu near me. They might have their own website, but their real website is one of these outsourced menu ordering things. Last time I went to order, I looked up their name, went to the page by that name on the known third party menu site, ordered my usual order from their usual menu, only to discover after the charge went through that a scammer had copied their name and entire menu onto a new restaurant on the same site. Called immediately to big bet on is failing citi the order why doesn't the site have that option?? A few minutes later a gruff man called me back and told me I wouldn't be getting a refund. Not sure what I said to convince him, but maybe enough threats and he decided to change his tune.

Big bet on is failing citi scammers are running the asylum. Sure, and I agree that this is really the only way, but also isn't super practical for a lot of things. Apple Maps from my experience is quite bad about this. I know of one city where it happily provides the locations of four DHL counter locations even though there is only one. Numerous other store locations on Apple Maps also often do not exist, so however they are sourcing their data is full of errors or outdated information. I've had that happen to me as well - person finds a wrong number ps5 gratis spiele april someplace, calls me, and then is mad at me that I am not who they are looking for Had this happen to me when I was in IT. Holland den haag reserveren got a cold transfer of an angry customer who wanted to talk to a guy who had a very similar name.

Eventually I convinced them and did a warm transfer to the correct guy. We do have similar voices…. Ask for Sundar. I think this might just be a people thing? I've had the same experience some one calling for the YMCA, I inform they have the wrong number, they proceed to argue and berate me but they probably just misdialed. Not that I don't also feel like Google search results have gone down hill. My friend, no blame, believed it; until I pointed it out. Sorry for not being detailed in my comment. Or i might have butchered. I will simply explain with numbers. Email said, flight departs 31st March 9pm. Flight duration 15 hours. Flight reaches Apr 1st. No indication of timezones, but as super common in flights, all times are local. Both cities have about 12 hour difference. Google thought Departure 31st March correct ; Duration 15 hours correct. Arrival Apr 2nd, 12pm. Not correct, it added 15 hours duration to Arrival city time. That is one of those situations where the right move is to leave an uncomfortable silence so they can think about what they said.

Handytinge 16 days ago root parent prev next [—]. I responded with almost that word for word once on one of these calls. They made some angry sounds and hung up! The SEO thing sucks, I here it like if you're trying to find a tow truck, it'll be some call center that then directs you to an actual tow truck nearby with their cut added to your cost. Lots of call centers get targeted with this type of scam. I think it's because call center employees are so poorly treated and compensated that it's appealing to join the scam.

I've seen the same exact thing happen with QuickBooks support. The actual agent you're speaking with gives your contact info to the scammer who calls you back. I've never seen this before but I imagine the call center employee has a lot more to lose being a part of fraud than the scammer who isn't legitimately employed and can't be found. Doesn't seem likely. Reason 99, that I don't use Amazon anymore. Just buy stuff in-person, pay the shipping, wait the week, or whatever. You'll be fine I big bet on is failing citi. Stuff in person costs 2X the price though.

Especially bike parts. It's often cheaper to buy from Amazon but never go through troubleshooting support. Always return or replace. If that doesn't work, give a 1 star review, wait for the seller to come chasing you with a gift card in return for 5 stars.

big bet on is failing citi

Change it big bet on is failing citi 5 stars, spend the gift card, and then change it back to big bet on is failing citi star. Stop giving bezos your money, you have no excuse. Sure, you can find cheaper products on Amazon, but once you start looking around, it's definitely not always the case. But people are lazy, they get multiple amazon packages a week, and love to complain about Bezos but do nothing about it. I bought a book on Amazon init came weeks late, i complained, got sent another, ended up receiving 2 books. It was my last purchase from Amazon. Since then, the only time i see Amazon big bet on is failing citi on the backend of a scammer.

Amazon in my opinion, in every sense, a scam itself. First off, its just morphed from a book store into a upper class ebay. Alibabba became the chinese ebay. I'll pay that drop shipper the money, i got no problem with the conveince they give but realistically whats the point of going through 3 middle men when i can wait an extra week and limit that to 0 or 1. Reality check: I'm not exactly rich. When I'm a millionaire I'll happily support LBS. Until then Amazon helps me save a shitton of money. And yes, I called LBS and checked the price. Symbiote 26 days ago root parent next [—]. Your local shop isn't the only option. Not cheaper. I used two European sites, since my comparison was obviously for delivery to somewhere in Europe Denmark, in my case.

Ah okay, I though it was because these particular tires are in fact made in Germany ; But yes I think in Europe small businesses are much more of a thing. In the US it's very hard to get a better deal than from Amazon and these big companies, especially because they can super-optimize the supply chains across such a big country. Same is true in China. Amazon is expensive. As someone in Europe, Amazon would be the last place for me to look for bike parts. We have so many great options, including huge online retailers Bike24, bike-components, bike-discounts, just to mention a fewall of which I've ordered many times from, and was pretty much always happy. Local bike shops may be more expensive, but then you support your folks, which might come in handy later, when you need servicing for something that you don't have the tools for The thing with bikes and bike parts is, details matter, two seemingly similar looking parts might be completely different, and there are many small parts that have many options length, material, color, thread type etc.

see more unless you really know what you are doing, it's very easy to mix big bet on is failing citi up - that source true for the consumer too, of course : Any non-bike-specific webshop is doomed for this reason, except for some special items, eg. One thing I noticed is that these days there are more and more small shops that are legit online, they may not be offering small parts, but I bought a bike from one such shop 2 years ago, and it was heavily discounted, the bike was exactly what they said it would be, it was in stock and was shipped within a week to another EU country no problems. The reason I buy on Amazon is that finding anything you wouldn't see in a typical department store from somewhere else online takes a bit of effort; and it's an additional effort to gain some confidence that the "somewhere else" won't scam me, sign me up for even more spam, etc.

If there were some reliable meta-shopping site that aggregated trustworthy vendors, I would use that--but I can't see how to build one that wouldn't have all the problems of Amazon in the best case; and all the problems of wish. Do you know if the original order was from Reolink? If I had to guess, that may have been a room decor amazon reseller, I've seen several cases in which it looks like you're ordering from SomeCorp as fulfilled by Amazon but once you get into the actual order process it shows up as some other seller that was in the "Buying Options" list. Definitely sketchy behavior on Amazon's part, never dealt with the selling side there so no idea if this is sellers click here Amazon or just awful market platform in general.

The question reduces to one of incentives. In other words, they're like good software. More factors of authentication? Slightly OT but I swore off Reolink because as late as two years ago they still required a Flash plugin before you could view camera captures in a web browser. I think they've finally fixed that, but the utter cluelessness of requiring Flash in left a bad taste in my mouth. They don't care about protecting third party brands. They will definitively make sure their Best online casino uk Basics products are free of scams.

Cd00d 27 days ago parent prev next [—]. I'm blown away that Amazon has phone support!

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